Windows Vista
Windows Vista

Like the Betamax and the Sinclair C5 before it, Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system has finally bitten the dust.

The company – as per its February announcement — has given Vista an early bath just 4 years after it was launched in a blaze of glory. (Well actually it turned out to be a hail of bullets, but that’s a whole other blog).

What’s happening today is that the Microsoft is no longer offering service pack-free version of Vista.

What that means is that the operating system is left entirely at the mercy of hackers who might wish to exploit the now unsupported code. You may want to discuss with your IT people what that could mean but basically if you’re a Vista user you should ignore this news at your peril.

On the company’s SMB community blog Microsoft’s Eric Ligman explained: “In the event that you encounter an issue/outage in your environment on an unsupported product, our engineers may not be able to help resolve this until you have upgraded to a supported level.”

So what are your options? Well at the very minimum you are being advised to install Vista Service Pack 2 but Microsoft would be very happy to help you upgrade to Windows 7.

Here at Think 4 we are thinking of having a little retirement party for Vista. Any ideas what we should buy it?