Microsoft has been beavering away in recent months on its service for small organisations that don’t have dedicated IT staff — the Small Business Server (SBS).

First of all there’s an update to the existing SBS 7.0 package, which is all very fine and dandy but the really exciting news is the launch of Aurora.

I reckon we’re at the dawn of a new IT revolution for the small business sector thanks to Aurora. It will be the way forward for a whole host of small businesses and new start ups.

What’s so good about it I hear you ask? Well it is a gateway to cloud services which means small business owners will have greater flexibility and control of their IT spending.

With Aurora you can hook up to the clouds in order to connect to your data via a 3G device, smart phone, netbooks and laptop. You have access to your business no matter where you are.

The other great thing about working in the clouds is that you can lease the server and all the applications you need rather than splash out for everything at once. Put it another way, if you’re thinking of setting up a small business you can either spend thousands on boxes of shiny kit or set up a monthly direct debit for £60 or so for all your IT needs. You’ll also know that all your software will be constantly updated to the latest versions.

Aimed at businesses with 5 to 25 users, Microsoft Aurora will be released as a  public beta by the end of August.