So the future is all in the clouds right? But as the law of unintended consequences states — stuff happens.
What am I getting at. Well it is all very well having services and software that’s hosted but there could be a question mark over who the data belongs to once it is up in the clouds.
Think of it like this. Ask yourself what happens when you try to get at your latest accounts info only to find that the company hosting your data has gone bump?
Technically the idea of running software in the clouds makes sense. But as ever, from a security and commercial sense, its important to safegfuard your data and make sure that, whatever happens you retain ownership.
There is also a question of where your data is stored. The cloud business is a global one. Your data may be on a server on the other side of the world. In operating terms this may not be an issue but it may present a legal challenge, particularly if your data involves customer records. Gets you thinking doesn’t it.
So it is important to work with reputable companies and read the contract small print. Do your research and find out exactly how and where your data is going to be stored.
A new frontier may be opening up for the IT industry but some of the old familiar challenges around the integrity of your business remain.
If you are going to take advantage of the benefits make sure you’ve got the potential concerns covered. Your data is precious. In most cases, your data is your business.