Are we too attached to our IT, does it control us or does technology make us happy shiny people?

Well, according to a new survey from the BSC, the Chartered Institute for IT, it’s the latter. The results found that people were influenced emotionally by their access to technology.

Some groups were more strongly influenced than others — these include women in developing countries and people of both sexes with low incomes or poor education.

The results don’t come as a surprise to anyone at Think4. We know that technology can make people unhappy or frustrated but normally this is because of user error. But nothing beats being able to connect with people whether that’s for business or for pleasure. Look at how social networking has spread — without the need for clever marketing it has taken over the world. Why? Because we like to be connected.

So yes we like IT not because we’re geeks or gadget freaks who love shiny boxes but because we are humans and we like to interact. In life and in business IT makes that interaction easier.