Microsoft Windows 8

OK, so here are James’s top 10 Windows8 Key Tips…

1 – WinKey + ‘I’ – Yes the top spot goes to WinKey + i. For access to all the important settings for Win8 apps

2 – WinKey + ‘Z’ – OH! That’s where the extra Win8 app bars are: top and bottom depending on the app

3 – WinKey + ‘F’ – Search Files in Win8 quickly find the files you need so stop Searching and Start Finding

4 – WinKey + ‘X’ – Access the advanced Win8 context menu providing a little extra for advanced users

5 – WinKey + ‘C’ – Shows Win8 charms bar, also shows Win8 clock, great key combo could be your lucky charms

6 – WinKey + ‘.’ – Switch Win8App Snap view Toggle the focus of the Win8 snapped apps Needs min 1366×768

7 – WinKey + ‘H’ – Shows Win8Apps that can be used to share well it would be rude not to share

8 – WinKey + ‘Enter’ – Start the Win8 Narrator to ease accessibility… Now you’re talking.

9 – WinKey + ‘PrtSc’ – Captures your screen straight to PicturesScreenshots folder happy Win8 snapping

10– WinKey + ‘Q’ – Quick search in context of your Win8 apps perfect for a digital game of hide n seek

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