The search engine optimisation experts will tell you that Google is the only show in town. Why? Well almost two-thirds of all Internet searches are made via Google. Google’s closest rivals in the search engine world, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing, have 19% and 13% respectively. Google has a staggering 63%! Get your SEO right there and you’re onto a winner.

So how do you get to grips with Google. Well that’s the aim of the game with SEO — the Holy Grail is to get to the first page and in the top three search results.

So what is SEO? Well let’s explain the difference between an organic search and a paid search first.

An organic search is when the results that come up naturally when a person searches for a keyword or keyword phrase. It features the website that the search engines believe most closely tally to the search term.

Paid or pay-per-click (PPC) listings typically are displayed above organic search results in a shaded section, or to the right in a sidebar. Here the company featured has paid the search engine to appear there.

Both types of digital marketing are increasingly big business. There are digital marketing agencies who specialise in SEO and will focus on getting you up the organic rankings for key search terms.

It’s a very competitive market and there is no guarantee of results. In fact, any company that claims it can ‘guarantee’ you a place on the first page of Google is misleading you.

However, there are fundamental building blocks common to all search engine strategies — there are a lot of them and it is a complex area but there are fundamentals. You do need a bit of expertise. You need inbound links to your site, you also need good traffic converters like a Facebook, twitter and blog presence.

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