There is no way to guarantee complete security on a wireless network. However, there are precautions you can take to help minimize security risks when you use a wireless network.

  • Whenever possible, only connect to wireless networks that require a network security key or have some other form of security, such as a certificate. The information sent over these networks is encrypted, which can help protect your computer from unauthorized access. When you view available wireless networks in Connect to a Network, you’ll see text indicating if a wireless network has security enabled or not.

Security status information in Connect to a Network

  • Before you connect to a network provided by a wireless Internet service provider (ISP), such as a public network in a coffee shop or airport, read the privacy statement carefully and make sure that you understand which files, if any, are saved to your computer and what type of information the network provider collects from your computer.
  • If you connect to a network that is not secure, be aware that someone with the right tools can see everything that you do, including the websites you visit, the documents you work on, and the user names and passwords you use. Make sure that you don’t work on any company-sensitive information or visit password-protected areas of your business network while you are connected to that network.