What’s wrong with having an old PC? Well for me if you run a business you want to be productive and efficient. That’s just a starter for 10.

But when the tools of your trade decide to have some unscheduled downtime it can be frustrating for you and our customers. So keeping your tools up to date is a no-brainer.

For some reason (mainly cutting costs) not every business operates like that, so I was interested to see a new survey of more than 1,000 small businesses from market research firm Techaisle which looked at their attitudes to investing in PCs.

It concluded that using older PCs “is akin to using gas guzzling clunkers – if you want a fuel efficient car; you have to replace your old car with a new one that takes advantage of the latest technologies.”

So why is new so good? Well the research identified 5 key considerations for small businesses about the benefits of using newer PCs.

These are:
1 Better security
2 Improved productivity (40% less downtime than older PCs,)
3 Cheaper running costs (often 1.5 times less costly to maintain)
4 Newer applications
5 Enhanced support

Taken together these 5 benefits add up to savings for small businesses both in time and money.

The report ends with this point — and it’s worth thinking about because it goes to the heart of why we all invest in IT.

“When making a decision when to refresh their business PC, managers should think not just about purchase price, but give higher priority to how a new PC can improve their productivity and allow them to put these new technologies to good use.”