I read a blog the other day and it was extolling the virtues of having offsite back-up.
It was good but it was American so it talked about the forces of Mother Nature and it made me snigger. For here’s the argument it used: ‘Hurricanes, tornadeos, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are a serious potential threat to the crucial data you have stored within your computer network.’
Not too many hurricanes in Huddersfield and the earth hasn’t moved too much for us here at Think4 in Manchester lately.
So we can all lock up at the end of the day and forget all about offside back up can’t we?
Well of course not. The threats may be different but the advantages of having offsite back-up when compared to traditional “on-site” methods, like tape drives or other magnetic storage media, DVD-R and CD-R based methods, are difficult to overstate.
Data loss can have a serious impact on any business. We may not have too many natural disasters to contend with here in the UK but life still throws up enough curveballs to make having a measured backup plan in place a sensible insurance option.
Witness the call we received from a PR firm last Christmas. The boss had gone in during the holidays to do some admin, only to discover there had been a break in and the server had been taken. The major potential loss wasn’t the server itself but the data it contained.
However, before the business year resumed a new server had been installed and all the data restored thanks to the firm’s onsite back-up. The MD’s view was that without that back-up the theft could have been fatal for the business.
Offsite data backups store data files in secure, remote locations. Your data is encrypted and backed up over your existing internet connection to a secure server. You can set it up to perform backups at any frequency you wish. You can even set up the system to schedule backups while the office is empty on weekends and evenings, or when the computers are idle for a certain period of time (great for those systems that need to be accessed 24/7 and cannot afford the potential downtime that may be incurred due to backup procedures being run at the time).
You might not have to worry about Mother Nature as much as our American cousins but if you lost all your business data it would be a real disaster.