dlIn the digital world we now live in, our data is on the move as we find our working lives taking us away from our traditional desk and outside of the business.

Firewalls once used to be the main barrier for data loss, but knower days our remote workforce are challenging this to the point that a firewall is insignificant. Employees are working more freely, where and when they want, but in order to stay productive they require the data that was once held securely behind the firewall.

Security packages that used to supply simple anti-spam and firewalls are now extended their coverage to Mobile Device Management (MDM) with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution.

When was the last time your business reviewed its DLP strategy?

In which order would you put the following?

  • Manage your staff
  • Manage your devices
  • Manage your data

What is you business policy for Data Leakage?

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