Offline or online, together we’ll catch them.

Cheap pirated software may look like a good option on the face of it. But the risks are huge. By following the guidance below you can protect your computer and your personal information.

1. Understand the risks.

As well as being a criminal offence, buying and using pirated software can have devastating consequences for you. It can crash your computer, corrupt and lose your files and load undetected spyware onto your hard drive allowing thieves to steal your personal information such as credit cards and passwords. Not such a bargain after all.

2. Look for signs.

Software pirates are clever and will go to great lengths to look like their software is genuine, so it can sometimes be hard to spot – both offline and online. But if the price seems too good to be true, you can be pretty sure it’s not genuine software. If it’s Microsoft, visit for more information on how to tell the difference.

3. Inform the right people.

If you suspect someone – either offline or online – of trying to sell you pirated software don’t let them get away with it. Report it!

Protect yourself by always insisting on genuine Microsoft software from an authorised Microsoft dealer.