BSA: The Software Alliance ‘Fair Play’ campaign in Manchester

Over the next few weeks the BSA will be sending letters to over 11,000 businesses in the Greater Manchester area, urging businesses to check that their software licensing is up to scratch.

Letters direct companies to an individual profile on the BSA Company Index portal. On the portal companies are given the opportunity to check their licensing status and make sure that all of the software installed on their computers are properly licensed.

Companies can also obtain free advice on how to manage their software assets correctly, and if you are short on licenses we can help assist you to be compliant.  BSA are approaching companies of up to 100 employees, which form a broad variety of sectors from architecture to construction.  Following on from the letter, BSA will be calling IT Managers, Procurement Managers, and Heads of IT in these organisations (or those responsible for the software in smaller organisations). The aim of the call is to explain the importance of software licencing compliance and providing assistance where possible to help address and licencing anomalies.

Calls will be focused around the organisations licencing position and current software licensing policy.

  1. How does the company manage software?
  2. Does it have a clear view of its software portfolio?
  3. Does it run software inventory checks? If so how frequent?
  4. Can employees install software on their own PCs?
  5. How many different types of software does it use?

If you have any concerns that you would like advice on before you’re approached by BSA, please feel free to contact us. Tel: 01706 693 700 // Email: