Well it’s here to stay whether you like it or not, but does everything start with the Internet? The answer is no! Before we get to the internet we need a connection. But which one and who from? Is that the best deal? These are some of the questions we get asked a lot. So here’s a very quick rundown of types of connectivity.

  • Broadband
  • Fibre
  • Leased Lines

Some of these you would have heard of and some probably not.

Let’s have a look at Broadband and Fibre first as they are the most common types of connections for residence and small business. So basic broadband is carried off a copper network from your local Telephone Exchange via a local street cabinet to your premises. Copper, FTTC & FTTP. Still confused? Here’s a diagram to help you understand further.

Broadband & Fibre

So with these types of services being at the entry level of connectivity, the service level agreement is delivered on “best endeavours”. You will also be sharing the connectivity line on a contention ratio which could be as high as 100-1. Is the FTTP is going into a building with multiple businesses, it can mean that you’ll be sharing the FTTP line with up to 100 other customers.


Moving on from Broadband, Fibre we have Leased Lines and IPVPN.

If you are a business and rely on connectivity to function you will need a better service than the before mentioned services. Not being able to function could close your business. (So to minimize the risk of twiddling thumbs in the event that your connectivity is not functioning you require a better service that has a higher guarantee with a service level agreement that is 24/7) This type of service is usually delivered over Ethernet.

Leased Lines



When your business is across multiple locations and you require all sites to connect directly to each other you will need your own virtual private network (VPN). With an IPVPN network your data does not cross or transfer along a public network which gives it maximum security with a centralised UTM firewall. As the network is private and secure, data transfer is at a much greater speed than using a public network. If you require a new site to be added (this could be a new business location or just a remote worker), this can be accomplished very quickly. With an IPVPN you’ll find that management of the network is far less than traditional networks when you have to start to manage expensive on-site firewalls and ongoing management of complex IPSec VPN tunnels.

Our Partnership with Zen Internet is great as they check our knowledge on connectivity and assist us to make sure our customers have the right connectivity to meet their needs. Recently that ran a Masterclass at our premises with two sessions to make sure all members of Think4 staff were up to scratch…. Glad to say we are! J

Andy Hollingworth showing off his drawing skills with our interactive screen.


End of a long day, but thanks to Andy Hollingworth and Lisa Robinson for taking the time giving us our Zen Internet Master Class!

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Again, Thank to Zen Internet for coming in.