Why do businesses need IT Support?

Picture the scene… you’re on your way to see one of your biggest clients for a make-or-break meeting when your car breaks down. Without the tools (or the knowledge) to fix it and a ticking clock, who do you turn to? Your trusty roadside assistance company of course!

Imagine the same scenario, but instead of hurtling down the motorway, imagine that you’re frantically typing out a document for a client on your office computer when you get the blue screen of death. Who do you call?

Just like roadside assistance companies – such as the AA, RAC or Green Flag, IT support contracts supply a service that people hope they will never need to use – because no one wants their machinery to fail them and breakdown.

Every year I look at the cost of the AA cover on our company vehicles and wonder whether it’s fat that can be trimmed. Our vehicles are serviced regularly so the likelihood of them breaking down is minimal. But never the less they do a lot of miles!

Recently one of our drivers had a serious tyre blow-out on the motorway early one morning when he really didn’t need to be delayed. This really was an inconvenient incident.

With the AA cover, he rang them to say he was parked up on the side on the M6 J19 (Southbound). It only took 45 minutes for them to pick our van up on one of their low-loaders which then took us to a tyre garage. He was back on the road with only a 1.5hr delay. For the price we pay, this cover is invaluable. He continued his day and made his meetings and deadlines.

So why is this like IT Support?

As a business you’ll use your computer daily for all sorts of tasks. Could you do a day’s work without your computer?

The ripple effect of having issues with your computer can bring an entire business to a grinding halt. Whether it’s a software issue on a single machine, inability to load emails, a printer not working, or a faulty network connection to the server, the delay can cost a business valuable time, and potentially custom.

If it’s a new computer it will have warranty cover like you have insurance for your vehicle. But when it’s broken do you want to contact the warranty people? They will probably ask you to send it back to them for investigation, leaving you without a machine.

If your business has tight deadlines to stick to, having that lifeline of knowledgeable IT support just a phone call away is reassuring to know – just like roadside assistance.

So next time your business is on the hard shoulder, who is going to rescue you?