skype_logo_svg_We’ve been able to communicate with each other since the dawn of time, but how we communicate has changed drastically and isn’t about to stop.
Recently, I attended the annual UK Microsoft event, Future Decoded, and watched the next generation of communication being demonstrated live on stage.
One of the biggest barriers we’ve always had with communication is the language barrier, but this could soon be a thing of the past.
Yes, I’m aware there are various platforms on the internet which will let you type text and it will roughly translate it. But what about speech?
Well, with Skype translate I was amazed to listen to four different languages in a single conversation with each other.
Each of the participants on stage spoke a different language – English, French, German and Chinese. Individually, they spoke their native language into Skype on their Smartphone. Skype not only added the text in, but the other participants could read the conversation in their own language on their own device. And it didn’t stop there, as Skype also spoke the text out loud, in the same format as a Satnav.
It’s amazing how far we’ve come with technology. Soon there will be no need for interpreters and translators in business meetings with this huge leap in progress.
Watch this space, because communication barriers could definitely soon be a thing of the past.