• Whose responsibility is it within a business?
  • Who should pay attention to safeguard a business?

If a business is to be hit by an incident there will be questions raised, usually “How and Why?” There’s a couple of key factors to learn about hackers. The first being that they pray on laziness, example: if your password is 6-8 characters so it’s easy for you to remember and you’ve not changed it for over a year it will take a few minutes or an hour to crack. Should you use the same passwords across multiple accounts, again they’ll pray on this as-well and build a bigger profile on you! These profiles are then sold on the dark-web and the bigger the profile the better the value. Just adding a couple of extra characters can increase hack time by months and years. Don’t forget to mix lower case, upper case, numbers and special characters. Best of all use a Password creator like

We are human and mistakes will happen, but this doesn’t stop that sinking feeling when a hack is traced back to an individual. This can be very upsetting. The majority of hacks in 2015 & 2016 where due to human error. A small error can be an innocent click of a URL but the consequence could bring a business down for days and cost thousands.

Going back to the questions listed above, the truth is that everybody is responsible for the safeguard of a business. Right from business owners down through every department no matter where in the business.

The key to help reduce the risk of an attack is education. Everybody new to a business has training from peers on how to be go about their work in a most productive way, going off to college or studying online. But have you ever considered a Cybersecure course to advise staff what’s right and what’s wrong? A 1hr online course could help prevent your business from an incident causing days of disruption. Is it worth it?



Think4 have partnered up with CompTIA who are the world’s leading technology association with certification programs for the IT Support / Managed Service Providers.


CompTIA have put together an online course to help people be more Cybersecure aware. If you would like to take this online course, please contact us for more details.