These days you cannot look at a tech page without the mention of Cybercrime, hackers always seem to be a step-in front. It is time to increase “username and password” with an additional level of security. To really make it difficult for hackers why not add in a second device to give you an authentication code that comes in as a text message to your mobile or through an App that changes (6 or 8 digit code) every 60 seconds on your mobile? There are alterative solutions like digital key-rings that can give another level of security.

Even Apple have announced that in iOS 10.3 they are also integrating Two Factor Authentication for there cloud services. Reason being that we’ve all heard of celebrities having their iCloud hacked an private images stolen. This isn’t Apple’s fault, its the users having weak passwords.

Adding an additional device really is a must these days especially if you are a remote worker using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or VPN (Virtual Private Network).
Remember that hackers pray on lazy users. Don’t be the one to get caught out!