As an IT Support provider and a Managed Service Provider to many clients, we take care on the products we select to use. Our reputation is key to us and we’ll only use products that will enhance our reputation. Security is probably the most talked of topics and one that most businesses are keen to make sure they are covered with. In our world, there are three different types of security:

1) Email filtering before you even receive the emails that are sent to you. We’ve seen businesses receiving over 10,000 emails a day when they only want less than 1,000 of them. The other 90% are spam emails. If you don’t have a proper filter in place you will waste valuable time looking at unwanted emails.

2) Device anti-virus security, which covers USB ports, Import & Export of spread-sheets, etc… No matter the platform of your choice, you should have it covered with a security package. Don’t assume that just because you’re on an Apple Mac O/S your safe, because you’re not!

3) Threat Management which covers for malicious, ransomware and other programs that encrypt files. Ransomware has hit the news lately due to business not keeping up to date with patch updates, thus allowing hackers to gain access. Threat Management makes sure your business is always up to date, and monitors requests through DNS to intercept and stop any encryption key requests.

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