Every day we hear the same saying, “It’s not broken, we don’t require a support contract.”

We understand this thought, but consider the following:

As a small start up business we understand that you maybe watching the pennies. When a business has 10+ employees then things become a little more serious. Imaging having a business of 10 employees. Everything is working fine day to day and things are looking up, your reputation is growing as a trusted business. Orders are coming in and they’re getting larger and larger. With this you move your marketing to target bigger businesses. You win the opportunity to pitch for some work from a dream client. You’ve spent hours night and day preparing your presentation… then all of a sudden…. BANG! Your network goes down….

Now what?

1.      Local Pages 2.      Ring your IT Support Company

You don’t have a relationship with an IT company but you need support. So, you reach out for the local paper, yellow pages (or similar) or use your mobile to search for somebody. But who do you trust? Knowing who to ring from an advert is similar to picking lottery numbers.

When you do finally call someone, they may say “The earliest we can get out is Tuesday week”. Even if you do get someone to come out, do they understand your network? It can take some time to understand a network before you can diagnose it to resolve the issue.

Ring your IT company who have an understanding of your network and can quickly identify the issue and have it rectified so you can continue to complete your pitch on time!

The clock is ticking and you’ve got a presentation to deliver. Which option would you like to have available?