According to recent research, everyday IT issues are costing UK businesses and the economy more than £35 billion annually.

The most common IT problems faced by workers are slow running systems and equipment, failures in internet connection, and outdated software and equipment. Simple issues like a printer running out of toner or not working properly, or a pc crashing, are causing SME’s to lose almost 5 million working hours every week.

When this is broken down, it equates to each employee wasting on average 5.59% of productive time, which equals 27 minutes every day, totalling 2.5 hours per week, or a whole day every month!

In larger companies, more people said they though their work IT systems were damaging their productivity than anything else.

Some may see these common IT issues as a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be. Often these common IT problems are relatively straightforward to resolve, and can be permanently fixed by an experienced engineer, or even just by updating equipment more regularly.


When the time arises, and new equipment is needed, many businesses are reluctant, and push to use equipment until it is run into the ground. When equipment is affecting the amount of work employees are able to do, it’s time to purchase a reliable replacement.

A lot of SME’s may not have in-house IT expertise to guide and advise on this, and that is where Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) come into play. It can be far more productive and cost-effective to contract a firm to maintain your IT equipment, than having to call out an engineer every time a piece of equipment plays up.

Most MSP’s can remotely monitor and maintain equipment, picking up on and resolving faults before you are even aware of them. This can save on the amount of time you spend on your IT issues, and free up staff time to focus on helping your business grow without those non-essential distractions.


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