A lot of companies use Sage Accounts for their accounting software, but when installed on a server with either Windows 2012 Essentials or Windows 2016 Essentials on it, updating to v24 of Sage becomes an issue.


Why is this?

The Small Business Server has never officially been a supported operating system by Sage. Their software may work on it, but there is no guarantee it will work as it would on another software version, or continue to work after an upgrade is performed.

Server Essentials may contain components which are cloud based, rather than being installed locally. This can sometimes prevent the software working as it is designed to.


So, what can be done?

We advise installing Sage Accounts locally on a computer running Windows 8 and above (Windows 7 will work but is not supported by Microsoft).

It is always best to check your system’s compatibility before proceeding to upgrade (or buy a new system), to ensure your version of Sage will work as designed.


To check whether your system is compatible for Sage accounts, see Sage’ article – https://my.sage.co.uk/public/help/askarticle.aspx?articleid=13689


Sage article on Windows Small Business Server and Server Essentials – https://my.sage.co.uk/public/help/askarticle.aspx?articleid=33359