There are hundreds of email signature templates available to businesses. A professional email signature should leave a lasting impression, but this should be for the right reasons!

Signatures can include dynamic marketing content such as social media icons, promotional banners, award logos and more. You can even opt to have different signature designs for different departments.

So, what should a good signature look like?

  • Include 3-4 lines of text – keep it simple with your name, title (optional), Company name (linked to your website), and contact phone number
  • Include links to social media profiles, your company’s blog, your portfolio
  • Include a simple image – whether this is your company logo, or a photo of yourself, something with colour can be eye-catching and memorable

Your email signature should look professional, but don’t make it too long by including an overwhelming amount of information. A black and white signature can be just as effective as one with colour, the key can be in the font and design you choose to use.

Business email signatures should follow the same guideline, but also represent your company, so there may be higher corporate standards expected for this, which can include the requirement for a confidentiality statement, corporate colours/fonts, corporate links, and including the company address.

Designing your own company logo can be stressful, but there are professional signature builders available to help you get the perfect design for your business.

The best advice is to keep it clean and modern. A sleek, uncluttered looking signature will leave a lasting impression on any recipient.