What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a security technology that establishes an encrypted link between a server and a client.

These certificates ensure personal data, such as credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, are unreadable to everyone except the server the information is being sent to.


What are the different types of SSL certificates?

There are 3 types of SSL certificates that offer 3 levels of trust:

  • Domain Validated Certificates (DV)
  • Organization Validated Certificates (OV)
  • Extended Validation Certificates (EV)


Do you need an SSL certificate for your website?

SSL certificates are important because the information you sent over the internet is passed between computers. The certificates work by encrypting this information so that nobody else can read it.

If you accept any credit card information and store it in a database in order to process it, you will definitely need an SSL certificate.


Which SSL certificate is best for me?

This will depend on the type of information you send over the internet. Your website developer will usually be able to advise the best option to go for, based on your websites requirements.