So I don’t know if you’ve got kids or not, but I have two and like most these days they’re happier with a device in hand. Remove the device and the fun starts, the next few hours can be a battle of wills to try and get them to do something good. Simple family tasks like making beds, dirty washing in the laundry basket become impossible. The main issue is that as parents you’re removing the device and then asking for the tasks to be completed.

So I’m going to break the news to you gently that you’ve got it the WRONG way around!

No matter what type of device they have as parents you do have the upper hand. In the past two years technology has greatly improved and now the tables are turning. Take back control.

As parents take a look at some of the apps available from Google, Microsoft or Apple.

When you install the Apps, you have control of your child device so now instead of wanting to earn pocket money to spend on sweets, they’ll want to earn screen time.

Example: Help with the washing up, 30 mins of screen time earnt. They can even bank minutes together.

Mobile and Tablets Apps that are available for you to install:

  • Life 360
  • OurPact
  • Screen Time
  • Family Time

Sony PlayStation: Parental Controls

Microsoft Xbox: Parental Controls

If none of these devices work, then look at your house hold WiFi. You can block anything these days.

Still lost? Give me a call..