Everybody has a personality:

Which is why we get on with some people and not others. This also happens in businesses. Some businesses are the right fit to work with another business. Everybody’s business works because of other businesses around them giving them support. Nobody can work a business solely on their own. It doesn’t happen.

Small businesses outsource HR, Invoicing, Bookkeeping, Payroll, etc…  We all use skills of others to help us get along and it gives us comfort knowing that the work we require to be done is done correctly. It’s all piece of mind! Having the right skill set inhouse can be very costly. Outsourcing can save you money.

When you are looking to outsource work, you’ll probably go through a process of selecting someone very much the same way as someone wishing to work with you. And I’ll bet you that most time you’ll select a service based on the personality of the person you engaged with. Again, coming back to that comfort feel. After all, if you weren’t comfortable, you wouldn’t trust their services.

When you do find a supplier for the service that you’re after don’t forget that both sides have an expectation. Ask them what their expectations are the best way to fulfil them. This way, they should ask the same of you. A great way to start a new relationship.

If you have changed supplier more than three times in the past five years, sorry but you need to look at yourself as you are the common denominator.

Are you setting out your expectations correctly and are you meeting your suppliers’ expectations? Are you really engaged with your supplier? Put yourself in their shoes and have a think, look back towards yourself and ask what could be done better.

At the point you are looking to move supplier, tell them first and give them a chance. Discuss what you feel is going wrong. A change of account manager may make all the difference. Small changes can make a big difference and can save a lot of headache when changing suppliers.

Relationships are key but don’t come naturally and must be constantly looked after.