OK, let’s not cover over old ground here by telling you that your password isn’t good enough. If this is the case, then you’ve only got yourself to blame.

Instead we’d like to share a solution with you, where you can store all your secret credentials in a safe, secure location.
Many businesses now use Apps that are outside of the business network and the security perimeter becomes faded. Employees use Apps that may not have been cleared by the IT department. How can users possibly remember the correct credentials across all platforms??
There are three factors that need to be considered when jumping between Apps.
1) Authentication
2) Access
3) Identity

LastPass is probably one of the industry leaders for password management and they’ve recently launched LastPass MFA which covers all three security factors.

Because it’s all in one place, employee’s don’t have to take unwanted steps when switching between Apps. MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) authenticates employees seamlessly through modern ways such as Pin Codes, Fingerprint or Facial Recognition.

I once read a saying that really hit home with me. “If you can remember your password, then it’s not complex enough!” and let’s face it, we all have passwords we can remember.

Take the stress away and let LastPass do the work for you. Watch this video [less than 2 mins] to find out more.