The default for a majority of businesses is to use Microsoft’s Office 365 to deliver productivity tools and applications for users. The misconception is that Microsoft backs everything up for everybody which just isn’t true!

When asked about your data, the most common reaction is that Microsoft takes care of it all. There are few times that this is the case, but it isn’t something that you should gamble your businesses data on.

As a default, most retention policies are set to 30 days, so if you do delete something by mistake you have 30 days to retrieve it. BUT the issue here is the average time to discover that some data has been deleted by mistake is over 100 days. Well beyond the default retention timeline. Having a backup of your data away from Microsoft is vital. Businesses need to change the mindset that everything in Microsoft’s Office 365 is secure, because it isn’t.

Human error is still by far the number one reason for lost data and nobody can predict when and where this could happen. It’s better to assume it is going to happen and have the issue covered with the correct resources to replace lost data.

As mentioned earlier, the default retention policies can cause gaps and confusion so again, why not expect the worst and cover the gap with a solution that eliminates this?

Microsoft’s focus is to manage the Office 365 infrastructure and maintain up-time for the users. Your data is your responsibility, take control and back it up.