We’re not talking about your eyesight but what is predicted in the tech world for next year! With “The Internet of Things” (IoT) increasing in popularity, the cyber criminals of this world are honing their skills to target IoT. Major developments for connected devices are being worked on and manufacturers will be hit with reputations being torn to shreds.

The consumer world is a large target with many households still having default passwords for the routers. Even at home you need to take control of your network and lock it down. Targeted ransomware attacks are going to be on the increase in a consumer world. Businesses aren’t free of attacks. How many people are able to work from home? You’re using a consumer network to connect your device to the business network. Key-loggers will track you through the various security layers.

Business need to get tougher on those workers who use their own devices (BYOD) to connect to a business. If you need to connect to a business network your device should at least reach the minimum-security standards required by the business. Any short fall and access should be denied.

Think about Smart Meters that are being advertised widely. How does the data travel between your network and your supplier? What data is being transferred? Yes, it will transfer your utility usage, but it will also transfer your location so that the supplier knows who you are to bill. Make sure any data transport is encrypted!

If you don’t trust it, don’t plug it in!