The year is 2019 (yes, that’s now!)

You’re a young family with young children that you adore. Capturing many moments of the family growing up. Pictures, Video, precious moments. Those files you really want to treasure.

All these precious moments that you know later on in life you’ll want to look back on and maybe show the grandchildren.

But between now and then, where would you store these precious moments?

  1. Tape Drive (VHS / Betamax) or Floppy Diskette?
  2. Hard Drive, NAS or Solid-State Drive?
  3. Online/Cloud backup?

Go on, lets be honest. How many of you picked 1 as an option?

As I said, these moments are precious to families but swapping the exact same structure in a business world. Your business data should be treated in exactly the same way as precious family moments.

Taking the same three options above but answer with your business data, would you still pick a tape drive to back-up your critical business data? Saving to a tape drive is risky as the guarantee of being able to restore your data is far less than the other options available. Restoring from tape is also very time consuming so down time would be far more.

Options 2 & 3 will give your business plenty of security that in the event of a disaster you can be restored with minimal downtime.

Having the right backup solutions is like having the right insurance. It’s a necessity that can’t be over-looked because at time of need, you’ll want the best!