Wide-Area-Networks (WAN) Optimisation

If your business is across multiple locations you will know that there can be application issues with connectivity, so how do you keep a competitive advantage? 70% of business are not aware of what is within their network traffic and there is a lack of tools to identify or report clear visibility. To keep that competitive edge, you need to understand your network traffic and look at deploying an Application Delivery Network (ADN) to really monitor over you business applications and bandwidth usage.

WAN Optimisation speeds up performance and gives you control over what’s on your distributed network. Poor performance of critical applications cause user productivity to plummet and hurts your market competitiveness – bad news for the bottom line!


When you do have visibility across your network you can priorities which applications are top of the list to help optimise your business network allowing you to portion dedicated bandwidth that your business applications require. Being able to accelerate business critical applications you will also limit unproductive activities which will help protect your network traffic from malicious applications.

Why do you need WAN Optimisation?

  • The need to classify and prioritise.
  • Solving the challenge of Application Delivery
  • Increase Productivity

WAN Traffic is the simplicity flow of email, file transfer and other business critical applications. Too many business open connectivity to non-critical applications such as personal web-surfing, social media and other downloads. Whether these are unauthorised or legit they can hit your business performance.

With ADN you can see which applications are using what allowance you have and adjust accordingly dependent on demand. Visibility lets you monitor application on your network so that you can deal with effectively issues slowing down performance.  Not only can ADN watch over applications, it can also watch over users and control/restrict usages no matter which city they are in, which country they are in, which time zone they are in. You can control them.

Did you know that in a majority of businesses over 50% of total bandwidth is nonessential traffic (YouTube, iTunes, etc…)“. How do you distinguish between business related traffic and goofing-around?