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Office 365 Tips & Tricks

By now you’ve likely heard that Microsoft has a cloud version of Office, called Office 365, that you pay for on subscription either monthly or annually.

Office 365 is a little unusual in that it is cloud software and you install it on your PC, to give you the best of all worlds. As you keep you paying for it, Microsoft automatically adds cool new features. Alternatively, an online-only version is available for free, called Office Online.

Business Insider UK asked Microsoft to send them a list of the best new things you could do with the software that most people didn’t know it could do and here’s the list:

  1. Multiple people can edit the same document at once
  2. Skype with co-workers while working on a document
  3. Link to files, don’t attach them
  4. Use two Microsoft cloud storage accounts on your Android phone
  5. Turn notes into calendar items
  6. Let Bing automatically find images for your presentations
  7. Convert scribbles to text and drawings
  8. Teach your inbox to de-clutter itself
  9. Ignore annoying reply-all conversations
  10. Add a signature to an email
  11. Turn your mouse icon into a laser pointer
  12. Turn rows of data into a map
  13. Excel charts, graphs, pivot tables made easy
  14. Let Excel reformat your data
  15. Edit a PDF files