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So you’ve clicked the link “read more” and been caught!

OK, so summing up from snippets I’ve been able to read up on; the Employee may (but is contesting that she didn’t) have some Cyber Security training and is also well known within the business to be a troublemaker and gossip. There are other personal factors that had happened within the Employees outside of work life that may have been a distraction to her work focus.

On the Employer side, they were unable to provide evidence of Cyber Security training and it also turns out that they weren’t aware of who in the business has access to what. The biggest issue here is that the Employee had access to the firms current account and able to send funds when she shouldn’t have.

The court rules in favour of the Employee.

In summary:

  1. Not having evidence of staff training is a big failure.
  2. Not knowing who has access to what in the business is a true non-compliance and should be tested and documented.

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